Support Programme

Here at Helping Hands, we recognise that the homeless community goes through a whirlwind of experiences whilst they live on our streets. That is why we offer support in a variety of formats.


Offering food is only a small part of what Helping Hands Portsmouth do whilst they are out in the community. Many of the admin team spend hours each week with the homeless community of Portsmouth. Below is just a few highlights of support that were given in one week.

  • Spent 17 hours at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham with a young woman to keep her calm, while she was assessed and treated
  • Spent a day tracking down and reuniting a lost dog with it’s homeless owner
  • Bought some shoes for a young woman as she was barefoot20768273_10214051011659324_7257708490050029433_n
  • Searched city-wide after reports that a man with Down’s syndrome is sleeping rough
  • Intervened in two escalating situations between angry homeless men and SSJ staff
  • Set up the first of our literacy sessions with a homeless man and our new volunteer
  • Continued to actively and almost constantly support and chivvy a couple with substance abuse issues who we successfully have persuaded to engage
  • Provided a character reference for a homeless man who is imminently in court
  • Liaised with two solicitors regarding impending court cases
  • Monitored, on a daily basis, two men who are beginning to show strong signs of depression
  • Spent three hours counselling a highly distressed man who has recently got off the streets but has no emotional support and is in real danger of slipping back into a criminal lifestyle
  • Provided our usual food outreach but now with our homeless friends choosing, serving and organising the food themselves, working as a team with us and each other.


Here is a summary of the support we provide to the homeless and vulnerable community.

1-2-1 Hours