Rachel & Rosie Project

This project was started by two lovely teenage girls who wanted to do something kind but practical for the city’s street sleepers. Rachel and Rosie make the most lovely and thoughtful lunches for them every week as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award. Our homeless friends LOVE them. We hand them out at one of our three breakfast runs and are in a position to make sure they mostly go to the highly vulnerable. These are likely to be rough sleepers with more serious mental health conditions or those who are going through a time when their health is especially poor or those who we know are very hungry.

We would like you to be aware that some of those receiving the lunches will be battling addiction or substance abuse.

We have included a list to help you decide what to put into the lunches and suggest a budget of about £20 for ten lunches. More is fine!!! We ask that you shop, plan, prepare and deliver the lunches to one of our admin team on either a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday night. We will then take them out with us the following morning.

So that we have a steady, consistent flow of lunches, please would you contact Michelle Brown to confirm date and drop off point. Portsmouth’s street homeless include some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We can’t thank you enough for reaching out to them.

Packed Lunch Guidelines

Here are some suggestions of the kinds of things to include Sandwiches or rolls, very moist fillings,

  • white bread
  • Softer style crisps
  • Fruit – not apples. Bananas most popular but ripe please ( homeless people have no fruit bowl!!)
  • Satsumas or grapes
  • Carton of juice or milkshake
  • Buttered bun
  • Piece of cheese
  • Chocolate bars
  • Biscuits
  • Individual desserts – custard, yoghurt, rice pudding
  • Pepperami
  • Pork pie
  • Scotch egg


Best avoided:

Anything in an unusual flavour, nuts, spicy hot, hard granola bars, sausage rolls ( they are given nothing but!)

Not essential but a nice touch:

A little note that says thinking of you, bon appetit, made with love or something similar