Our Outreach

Helping Hands is committed to helping the homeless that live in Portsmouth.

We have a very established outreach programme that involves giving support to our street friends when they need it most.


This starts with our Sunday evening outreach evening. A programme that sees the homeless and vulnerable in the city centre given a hot meal along with pudding and a drink or two. Goody bags are also given out to those that come along so that they have something for later. The menu for this week is below. Alongside our Sunday Evening Food Programme, we also have three days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday which we have a breakfast run. Breakfast usually comprises of a hot breakfast roll with a drink. The menu for the breakfast run can be found here.

Every homeless person’s needs’ are unique and here at Helping Hands Portsmouth, we recognise this. Whilst we undertake our outreach programme we also take out items that are essential for survival on the street, items that include: coats, rucksacks, sleeping bags, jumpers, socks, toiletries and pop-up tents. 18342023_10212541917125561_663622000323291965_n

Here at Helpings Hands Portsmouth we also understand that every homeless person experiences different things whilst living on the streets. Life can be tough.

That is why we offer support to those on the street whether it be attending an appointment for their health or attending a court hearing as a chaperone, the Helping Hands Portsmouth Team are always here for the homeless and vulnerable when they are in need. More information about the Support Programme can be found here.