Helping Hands Portsmouth is a voluntary community action group that has the focus of helping the homeless of Portsmouth.

Your donations enable us to reach out to the city’s homeless and provide them with what they need. Whether it be hot food or a sleeping bag, generosity of the public means we can ensure the homeless guys don’t go hungry and have the necessities they need whilst they are on the streets.



We at Helping Hands hold several fundraising events throughout the year that enables us to raise vital funds and carry out our outreach and support programme. Keep an eye on the Fundraising Events page to find out what is coming up next in the world of fundraising at Helping Hands.


Sponsor a food run

As part of our outreach programme, the Helping Hands team go out every Sunday evening with a hot meal and drinks selection for the homeless guys living in the city. All the meals we give out our homemade favourites, such as cottage pie, sausage and mash as well as a roast dinner. But that’s not all… The homeless also have a choice of pudding which again, is homemade favourites, such as fruit crumble and chocolate sponge served with custard.

This roughly costs £35