He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother:


On the street it’s every man for himself, right?

Well, no. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Gruff kindness and quiet comradeship between the homeless men and women is something we often observe.

We thought we would share some of the things we’ve witnessed in a series of weekly posts. Here’s the third…..

…we often see a young lad who is autistic. Recently he arrived sobbing, shaking and beside himself. Following a misunderstanding, one of the stallholders had been very abrupt with him. His homeless friends sprung into action – comforted him, got him a sugary tea, calmed him down and diplomatically spoke to the other person, smoothing over the rift.

Small moments, easily missed but proving that life can take literally everything from you – except your humanity.

*some names changed for safeguarding


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