Mental Health Awareness Week 2018


This week, 14 May – 20 May, is a week dedicated to nationally spreading awareness around mental health.


You may have seen recently the statistics showing the number people who live on our streets that suffer from some variation of mental health issues.

Living on the streets can sometimes be one of the most isolating times someone will ever experience. No one to turn to. No one to look up at. No one to have a pint with on a Friday. No support network.

We here at Helping Hands Portsmouth ensure that whoever comes along to our outreach sessions has a chat with our outreach team. Often a “hello, are you okay?” and a grunt reply is what we experience. But that simple question can often lead to someone asking for help and we signpost them and walk with them if they want us to. It does take time. We ensure no one is left behind.

Next time you walk down to the shop, down to KFC or walking home from work, we ask that maybe you speak to a homeless person. If they ask you a question, please be polite enough to reply. They are human at the end of the day.



(illustration from Charlie Mackesy, Instagram user: charliemackesy)

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