Whistler Fish and Chip Shop have a collection for Helping Hands Portsmouth

Whistler Fish and Chip Shop located on Hayling Island held a collection for Helping Hands Portsmouth as part of thier St. George’s Day celebrations


Back in April 2018, Whilster’s Fish and Chip Shop held a celebration of St George’s Day in 31317658_10215727161114670_2897248186122895360_nthe form of selling the british delicacy for £1 per portion. They requested that in return for the reduced price in Fish and Chips people donated to a selection of local causes.

They chose Helping Hands Portsmouth and asked customers to bring down material donations that the homeless men and women living on our streets would need and be able to use.



A huge thank you to Whistler’s and all thier customers for supporting Helping Hands Portsmouth. We were really grateful for the donations we received.

If you’re out and about on Hayling Island enjoying the summer weather over the next few months and fancy a bite to eat why not pop down to Whistler’s and show them your support!



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