Helping Hands Portsmouth give out the Christmas Boxes on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve saw Helping Hands Portsmouth give out presents which had been donated in the form of Christmas Boxes.


The Helping Hands admin team went out on Christmas Eve to hand out present boxes to the homeless of Portsmouth. Helping Hands had launched the advent box appeal at the beginning of the month. We were incredibly humbled by the number of donations we received for the appeal.


Many donated toiletries as well as sweets and food that could be saved for over the Christmas period. Hats and gloves, as well as socks, were also donated to keep the homeless warm throughout the winter period.


So many donations had come in it allowed Helping Hands Portsmouth to donate some boxes to the hostels within the city. Some of the homeless live in hostels now after spending time on the streets. Although it is shelter and a warm place, a room in a hostel isn’t really a home. Therefore, we ensured that everyone living in Hope House, run by the Salvation Army, Yew House and Locksway Road, run by the Society of St. James all got a Christmas present.


For those living on our streets, we went out on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and gave out the presents. We also provided Domino’s pizza which was partly donated from Domino’s Portsmouth South. On the menu was Margherita and pepperoni pizza which had been donated along with meat feast pizza which had been bought by Helping Hands Portsmouth.

Everyone enjoyed the event and all the homeless that attended got a gift and said thank you for the donations towards their gifts.

Without your support, none of this would have been possible. So, thank you for supporting the event and thank you for your support throughout the year!

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