Helping Hands Portsmouth Receives National Award

A few months ago Helping Hands Portsmouth was nominated for a community award to recognise the dedication and tireless work that goes into caring for the city’s homeless community.


The awards were hosted by Groundwork – a charity that recognises and helps projects create a better environment. This ceremony was the first of it’s kind for the charity and back in August, Helping Hands Portsmouth were notified of being nominated and then shortlisted for the ‘Best Contribution to Health and Wellbeing’ Award.


The awards were held at a venue in London on 2nd November 2017 and were attended by over 200 people from the nominated organisations with corporate supporters, such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco amongst others, also in attendance.


Helping Hands Portsmouth Admin Team turned down the offer of the ceremony due to it being held on a Sunday, the same day as their outreach. However, in our absence, we were crowned winners of the award and are really grateful for the nomination as well as the voters that voted for us.



Our founder, Bev Saunders, commented: “Can I take the opportunity to thank, firstly our admin team. Also, everyone one who comes out with us; cooks meals for our outreach, donates and does the raffles for us. We couldn’t have won this award without all of you so thank you so much


Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the last year. Without your ongoing support, nothing of what Helping Hands Portsmouth do would be possible!


More about the awards and Groundwork can be found here.

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